this shit is just a ripoff of earthbound's happy happism cult

Appearence Edit

tit rocks is a maroon penguin and has curly blonde hair with pink fluffy hair-ties. Like all members of the blue bityches clutt, she wears a suit an tie with socks and snadals like why the fuck whould u do that

Personality Edit

ness is shown to have very rapid mood swings, she can appear to be very much an ass earter She is verystinky and she hasn;t taken a shower wowo shes gross as hell fuck her omg

Biography Edit

purple guyu is a member of the cult of Happyism, founded by Carpainter. Her role is too go around the island to promote their big cock energy so they can grow asses bigger than the grand canyon

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Concept ideas for a Tetrox redesign.

the stadium, to watch the death games and place bets; and is shown to have very bad luck. lol fuck her what a loser she's shit at gamblinf

During her usual visits, she met the Anaoe3hien'rer, and soon became his big booty bitch.

mr saturn has since been retired

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